Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blooming Old

The tabletop garden began to bloom this week, aided by a couple of sweet little plants bought on impulse on a cold day that took me in the direction of the garden store.  I felt entitled.  It was my birthday, and I turned 40.  It isn't that 40 feels particularly old these days, just that I felt I could treat myself, and the way I treat myself is with plants.

I treated myself, too, with a couple of hours of quality time with my shovel, peeling up turf along the property line where my front garden meets my neighbors' driveway.  I flipped the turf over (flipped is an easy word for that work) so the overly lively roots will dry and freeze as they wave in the air, and hopefully begin to compost before spring.  The plan was to put in a line of espalier cherry trees as a living fence.  After a little research I was reminded why I don't yet have a cherry tree, and the plan has changed to a line of espalier pear trees - I think I'll go with three or four seckel pears, and Starking Delicious as a pollinator.  No, I have never espalier'ed anything before.  No, I have no idea how.  Yes, I am sure I will do an atrocious job.  And yet...I'm going to do it anyway.  I'm entitled - I've turned 40.

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