Monday, March 19, 2012

Sherwood Forest

My Robin Hood, at home in his Sherwood Forest.  I was reminded that this isn't only my garden, but also Noah's blank canvas for his adventures.  Somehow yesterday the backyard was a roiling sea, the land where Pokemon live, and the home of a superhero named Captain Asparagus, all at once.  Go figure.

The long-suffering fig tree has become the climbing tree. It is such soft, pliable wood that it bends and sways under the weight of the boys, but hasn't broken yet.  The yard doesn't offer a better climbing tree, so this is what they get, and for the time being it seems a satisfactory hide out.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Is there anything more beautiful than a camellia?  If so I haven't seen it.  Oh, my son's smile is more lovely to me, but we are talking flowers here.

Last year I told myself to plant daffodils underneath the camellias on the east side of the house, so that you would see their cooler color under the shower of pink camellias and even pinker ornamental plum blossoms.  For once, I did what I told myself to do:

It will take time for those daffodils to naturalize and make much of a show, but I feel great satisfaction in simply carrying through with a plan, because it is such a rare thing.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Shoots Regurgitated

The asparagus is up!  Yesterday was the day.  Snapped off the first spear and gave it to a hungry one-year-old boy (with his mother's permission).  He chomped it down, then threw it up.  Oh well.  Maybe it needed butter.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Surprises

Standing on the back porch yesterday I saw a flash of blue from the bed underneath the magnolia and went to pick up what I thought must be trash - I hadn't planted anything blue there!  And I found these little treasures: tiny irises (or what look like irises?) about four inches high growing among the daffodils.  I must have planted them last fall, but I have no recollection of it.  I should forget planting things more often, because the wonder of finding these little jewels was lovely.

All sorts of things are blooming: camellias, daffodils, lenten roses (appropriate, as it is lent), and the ornamental plum outside the kitchen window.  We ate out of the garden for the first time last night - chive pesto over our fish.

The Caroline raspberries planted last spring seem to have taken off, with very vigorous (and travelling) sprouts coming up throughout their bed.  I reworked the whole area on the south side of the house so that it now has boards to make it a slightly raised bed, and lined the inside edge with rosemary.  Am still mulling what to do with the inner bed - it has lilies and irises, but needs more.

My workout yesterday was hauling 6 large bags of mulch from store to car, from car to yard, and yard to beds.  My muscles are discouraged to note that the garden could use about 6 times that much mulch, but at least I am assured a consistent source of exercise.  Silver linings.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


A fortnight.  That is how far ahead we are this year, spring-wise.  The camellias are breaking bud, and there are daffodils blooming.  The chives are well up, and the peas went into the ground a few days ago.  Last year I noted these joyful happenings on March 15.

I am behind, however far ahead Mother Nature may be.  I have ordered no seeds, planted no trees, filled no little pots with compost.  It isn't that I am not looking forward to my garden, but that without a winter to endure this year I am left without the wild urge to celebrate spring.