Monday, May 14, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The strawberries are in.  About a quart today.  I ate my share standing in the garden, ripping their green tops off with my teeth.  Noah ate his for dessert, tossed with sugar.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Bird

If you look closely you can see a nest among the roses, and in that nest are four baby robins.  They hatched today.  Who can know, but I imagine this is the same family of robbins that nested in the spruce tree next to the porch last spring, and lost their entire brood when the nest fell from the branches.  I watch this nest nervously, because it has a serious list.  The tilt means I can sit on the couch in the living room and look into the nest and the gaping baby mouths...but I wish the babies were safer.

Today my friend is delivering her baby boy.  Her beloved baby girl died about 5 months ago.  I am breathless, seeing this hope: life is good, life is joyful, life is worth trying again.  The birds know it, my friends know it, and I try to know it, too.


I had to mark the moment: my garden looks tidy.  Not perfectly weeded or mowed, not bloomingly beautiful, but tidy.  As I am not by nature a tidy gardener this is no common thing.
Even the vegetable garden, that den of bindweed and blowing straw, is looking quite cleaned up.  Yes, yes, there are weeds in the paths.  There will always be weeds in the paths.  Today I am just glad that, from a distance, my garden has some order.

Monday, May 7, 2012

On High Spring and Tailoring

Peony from front bed
High spring, the time of peonies, irises, and roses.  The flower bed in the front yard is finally blooming, after a number of years of mulling and last year's work of weeding and planting.
Siberian iris
My two little clumps of Siberian iris are blooming, and I realize I love these guys - what have I been doing with those bearded irises all these years?  In this bed of buxom peonies the tailored Siberians perform the same function as a structured jacket does for a plump woman: they hold it all together.