Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seed Order

Here is the 2011 seed order list:

Broccoli "Early Purple Sprouting"
Cucumber "Solly Beiler"
Cucumber "Marketmore"
Huckleberry "Chichiquelite"
Ground Cherry
Kale "Blue Curled Scotch"
Leek "Giant Musselburgh"
Pea "Lincoln"
Winter Squash "Red Kuri"
Cosmos "Sensation Mix"
Dahlia "Unwing Mix"
Nasturtium "Moonlight"
Nicotania "Fragrant Delight"
Yarrow "Parkers Variety"
Sunflower "Tarahumara White Seeded"

Why wormwood, do you ask?  Homemade absinthe, of course.  I joke.  Mostly.

1 comment:

  1. Note: They were out of the Solly Beiler cuke, so must remember to choose a replacement.