Monday, September 27, 2010


Two bushels of tomatoes plus three friends and five hours equals a lot of really good sauce.

The tomatoes:

The process:

One tenth of the result:

Okay, so in reality those lovely roasting tomatoes went into freezer bags, but freezer bags aren't as photogenic as Ball jars.  The sauce was straight up tomatoes, bay leaf, and a sprinkle of oregano.  We made some canned whole tomatoes, too, but those are most definitely not photogenic, as the tomatoes tend to float up and leave the nether regions naked.  Too indecent for a family blog.

The tomatoes came from the farm where we get our CSA, Gorman Farm, and they were just beautiful and tasty.  I think I will give up on growing my own tomatoes next year, because I get blight so badly, and because my CSA really does supply most of my tomato needs.  But how can I not grow tomatoes?  A garden without tomatoes is like a...harumph.  There is no parallel.

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